What’s In A Pregnancy Bounty Maternity Pack

Bounty Maternity Pack 2018 Maternity Notes

So we decided to have baby number 5 and if you like to hear more on what brought around that decision then you can find more about it here. Having a large family is a roller coaster that I throughly enjoy riding but having a seven year age gap between this one and the last has left me feeling like a brand new first time mum again – Which feels Bizarre!

There have been so many guide line changes on how you bring a baby into the world and then once baby is here, how you grow baby on to be a healthy human. It has left me wondering whether I should be scrubbing up on the new ways or relying on the fact that I’ve managed to keep 4 other babies healthy and alive better than my hoise plants – I’m god awful at house plants.

Despite the changes though, what I am really excited about is documenting the pregnancy in a way that I never have done before, by the ways of my blog and my Youtube channel. I’m hoping to record the little things that I have only vague memories aboutwhen pregnant with the others, I wish I had documented them better.

The video I have created is going through the Maternity Bounty Pack given to you at your first midwife appointment. It is mainly a way of keeping your notes safe and managable however, it does also come with a few goodies in there also. If you’d like to see more then please do watch the video below.

Thank you for watching and if there are any videos that you would like to see then please leave me a comment below.

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