Being A Blogger : Embrace Or Over Done?

Being a Blogger


At one time in the past, being a blogger was something that people were but didn’t actually realise it. They would create a free account on a random platform and just write, mainly for themselves but occasionally to keep family updated on current affairs. Over the years it began to change and blogging became ‘A thing.’

Writers began to niche in; Mummy blogger, Parent blogger, Lifestyle blogger, Beauty blogger, Influencer. The list is ever changing and the labels can be somewhat creative. And some believe, over done. Read more

BlogOn Christmas Jumper Linky

BlogOn Christmas Jumper Linky


At the end of September I will be attending my first ever blog meet up hosted by the Blog On Conference. It’s a meet up organised for Bloggers/Vloggers to get to know like minded people and to also gain knowledge from various speakers. To say I’m nervously excited is an understament and in an attempt to let attendees get to know each other a little better, BlogOn organised the BlogOn Christmas Jumper Linky, which is a list of 15 questions. Read more

Reflections And Projections ~ January Round Up

Football mum, Girls Brigade, Sendco, Christmas , January Round Up

I can’t believe I’m writing January round up as my blog post already. How fast has this month passed!? I’m not sure if it’s an age related thing, maybe we become more aware of time as we get older. Read more

Are You Ready To Tell Everyone You Blog? ~ Facebook Is

Imagine starting a blog that you’d been thinking about forever. Feeling a little pang of anxiety and excitement on those first few posts you publish. You’ve not told anyone really because it’s so new and let’s face it, you feel a little embarrassed still. You will tell your close nit, just not yet, maybe after publishing post 4..5.. ok maybe 25 or 30. But you will, eventually.


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