Staccups Family Game Review


Staccups is another family game of speed from University Games. It’s quick thinking like 5 second rule but with added hand-eye coordination. Designed for 2-4 players this game of fast reactions will have you racing to be crowned the Staccups winner.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced, competitive challenge then Staccups is just that. Although it has an 8+ age range, this is a great game to pull out when the friends are visiting for fun and drinks.

In the box

Staccups family game

~ 32 StaccupCups

~ 1 Podium Stand Spinner

The Aim

Be the quickest player to stack their cups matching base colour to top colour. It sounds easy, right !?




Since we’ve had this game it’s been loved and out when we have the kids friends over or family come to visit. It’s also handy that the instructions are on the box and not on a separate sheet (the kids can’t lose them!). Its super quick to set up and the fast gameplay makes it an easy choice when the kids are fed up or it’s a family game night.




My youngest boy Reilly often struggles with focusing for more than a few minutes. I’ve written about finding his learning super power before. Staccups, though a faced paced game, has been a great little gem. Played at his pace (aka letting him win, shh!) Playing Staccups keeps him focused in short sharp bursts and matching the cup colours helps keep his brain ticking.

I really like this game, it’s not one that’s really lengthy but it’s great for entertaining the kids for 10 minutes when you’re needing them out from under your feet. You can buy it here on Amazon for around £16 if you fancy your chances of being crowned the Staccups champion.

Have you played Staccups? I’d love to hear which games are your family favourites.


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