Reflections And Projections ~ May Round Up

May round up Reading, Soap and Glory face plump

May was a month of birthdays for us. Two of my boys aged another year and so did my other half. Time is ticking by so fast! This is my May round up.

May Favourites


I’ve always been a reader. Right from being small I’d be lost in a far away land chasing white rabbits or wondering what Anastasia did next? Did anyone else read Anastasia Krupnik? I find it harder to make time to read now a days and when I pick up a book that I absolutely have to finish, I may be slightly guilty of neglecting the kids ever so slightly.

This month I read a book that I bought Lily-Blue for Christmas The Secret of Nightingale Wood. It’s a great book that touches on topics such as strength and metal health.


I joined a vlogging challenge on Youtube and found it cringy but loved it! If you haven’t already subscribed then please do. You can find my channel by clicking the banner below.

Large family vlogs on Youtube

Beauty Products

I’ve never really been one for beauty regimes up until maybe the back end of last year. My mum is a daily face creamer and has always told me off for not looking after my skin better. My lack of attention has never been a problem and I didn’t suffer like my sister with teenage breakouts but I have noticed that it’s starting to age.

For Christmas last year I got a few Soap & Glory gift sets and it one of them was their Speed plump cream and I love it. So much so that I’ve been through a few bottles. It soaks in well, doesn’t feel greasy and is fab to apply before make up.


So June see’s us at the middle of the year, time certainly flies when you’re having fun. My hope is for things to continue moving comfortably forward. I have some goals in mind in terms of blogging and vlogging but also within our home. I want to completely redecorate, yes I did just say completely, eek! Lots of time, money (hopefully staying as frugal as possible,) energy, tears and tantrums.

I’d love to know what you’ve been reading or how you fit getting lost in a book with housework and kids.  Also, what face creams do you recommend? I’m loving speed plump at the minute but I’m open to trying something new too.



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