Reflections and Projections ~ March Round Up

A round up of March mothers day and Beauty and the Beast

This year seems to be moving really fast and now we’re here at my March round up. Mother’s Day was lovely and so the preps begin for the Easter bunny.


If you read lasts months round up, which I’m sure you did, haha, it’s here if you didn’t and you’re forgiven. I was ridiculously excited for the cinema release of Beauty and the Beast and it did not disappoint.

I cried! Yes I did! Not because it was sad because it was beautiful and it stayed true to the cartoon with added extra specials. It’s is by far my most favourite live-action Disney remake.

Mother’s Day

❤️Have an amazing Mother's Day! ❤️

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Firstly, to all the mums, you’re awesome and I hope you had an awesome Mother’s Day.

For all the mountains of washing; Pots that get left in the sink, or under a bed growing science experiments; The sock bag, or box, of odds that need digging through for pairs; Last minute school uniform washing because a pair of trousers turned up; Getting creative with the pack up because you forgot to get some bread and the last slices are starting to grow a coat.

Keep doing what you’re doing, punch the air when you kick ass, own the tears when you crash, pick yourself up and know that your best is amazing.

You. Are. A. Bad. Ass. Mum!



I’m turning 24, ahem OK, 34 in April. I’m not sure how I feel about it, I still feel like I’m 15. I still fan girl over ridiculous things, love anything that’s 80s and 90s nostalgic and refrain, just, from collecting anything cute that’s meant for 10 year old girls.

Do we ever feel our age?

The Blog

Since the start of Kits and Vixen I’ve been sharing snippets of our family life and it’s definitely something I’ll continue to do. I also introduced you to my secret sanity keeper, my Bullet Journal. Having a large family can mean appointments, after school clubs, school trips and all that other busy stuff. Having everything in one place keeps me on track, it also helps to track other things I like to keep an eye on. I’d like to continue exploring Bullet Journals and so will think about that for future posts.

My other big love, books. I love to read. Life does occasionally take over and I don’t pick any up for a period of time but I am reading again.

You can find my current book in the sidebar.

Being a parent is both time consuming and an art but, I truly believe it’s possible for book lovers to read 2-3 books a month. Which is what I am pledging to do and write up some book reviews too. If I get brave, I may even upload some videos to YouTube. Did I actually say that out loud!?

If that’s something you’d like to follow then you can subscribe to my channel here ready.

I’m really excited for April. Do you have plans? Is there something you love to do that haven’t done in an age? Would you like to commit to reading 2-3 books a month with me?

Please get in touch, send me an email or leave me a comment below.

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3 thoughts on “Reflections and Projections ~ March Round Up

  1. Hi! Oh wowww, you’re going to go on the Tube! That’s fabulous, I shall pop over and subscribe in preparation. April for me holds Easter and my son’s second birthday, which is going to be combined into one long weekend this year…can’t wait! I hope you have a brilliant birthday, whatever you may have planned *trots off to YouTube*

    1. Em! I am absolutely pooping myself but super excited to try YouTube. Hoping I can find a rhythm that fits around home life and work but we’ll see.
      Yay for 2nd birthday’s, you may have just made me slightly broody, have you got anything planned? Xx

      1. Aw I’m sure you will figure something out! You seem to be fantastic at the whole organisation thing!
        We are having a party at a family member’s house, they have lots of space and a big garden so fingers crossed for decent weather. Broody eh? Haha! I keep getting little twinges then I think “naahhh, I’m done here!”

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