Glam Goo Deluxe Pack Review

glam goo deluxe pack diy slime fashion slime fashion goo

How to make slime isn’t a craze that seems to be going away any time soon. And like most new crazy fazes, it doesn’t take long for the toy factories to cotton on. The difference between searching Youtube for DIY slime recipes and Glam Goo is that you don’t have to track down mysterious ingredients or an alternative. The goo is ready and made for your kids to slime recipes fashion goo

Getting Creative

The Glam Goo Deluxe Pack comes with a ready to go tub full of goo, a scent, 3 tubes of sprinkles, 2 pots of colour powder, a stirrer and two fashionable accessories to design – A ring and a bag.

Though the kit comes with recipes to follow, your kids can get really creative and make their own – Pinky Promise with a dash of Unicorn Tears and a pinch of Cloud Crunch or some Electric Blue scented with Violet Vibes and a sprinkle of Daydreams. Lily-Blue had a lot of fun trying out different combinations.

diy slime kit slime recipe glam goo

The Glam Goo itself is quite sticky and comes in a generous amount which is a pleasant surprise. I often find that a lot of creative kits come with just enough at a push, often leaving Lily-Blue stretching them to finish a creation and requiring refill kits to make anything more.

Fashion Accessory

The idea behind Glam Goo is taking the slime craze and making it fashionable and wearable. The ring can hold a small amount and the stylish purse has various compartments to hold the funky ingredient combos without them mixing with each other. This also prevents the goo from drying out and makes it accessible to play with at any time.

It would be nice if the fashion purse had space for functionality as well as being goo storage – A small compartment for a lip gloss or some loose change would have been great – Truly utilising the wearable fashion spin on goo. However, Lily-Blue still finds carrying the purse enjoyable either way.

I would definitely recommend the Glam Goo Deluxe Pack as a gift for any child, girl or boy – Reilly had just as much fun designing some goo as Lily-Blue. It’s a great addition to any slime creators collection.

You can purchase the Glam Goo Deluxe Pack on Amazon here and many other good toy retailers.




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