From A Mother To A Mother – The Brutal Truth

From a mother to a mother the brutal truth

Here goes..The Brutal Truth.

You give birth, your insides feel as though they have fallen out. Your stomach is no longer the vessel of life, it’s more comparable to that of a wrinkly Chinese shar-pai. Your rib cage rattles with wind and your pee will reduce you to tears.

Your bundle of joy is beautifully made up of your eyes and perfect nose with your other half’s cheeky smile and dimpled chin. And then, there are those times when they could easily be mistaken for an 80’s werebear (remember those?)

Each cry used to have a meaning, those meanings now make no sense. You put her down she cries, you pick her up she cries. Hungry, not hungry, wet nappy, poo explosion, too hot, too cold, teething. Snot clogged.

What, wait… Shhh.

Ahh, sleep!

Nope for her not you -The alarm you’re hearing isn’t in your sweet dream, sorry. Time for school, packed lunches, cereal no? Ok, toast. Brushed teeth, combed hair, shoes on the wrong feet!

What homework!? Mum guilt!

Quick grab a pop bottle, a bit of soil, it’s a good job succulents are in. Voila! An eco-garden. Go! Go! Go!

Girls Brigade, football club, reading group, scouts.

Can I go to my friends, please?

Three places at once?!

It’s spaghetti bolognese for dinner, with mushrooms, without mushrooms, one for spaghetti, one for pasta, nope, don’t like pasta, spicy wedges.

Ahh, relax.

Nope, unload the dishwasher, load the dishwasher. 3rd load of laundry. Empty the dryer, Sterilise the baby bottles.

Time for bed.

Hello, werebear!








Sleep deprived.


First wee and poo, yes write them down. First giggle, first babble, first word. First roll over, first foods, 1st birthday, she crawled!!

Congratulations you have a walker.

1st certificate, school photos, new reading book.

Riding with stabilisers, riding without stabilisers.

Swimming badges and school council.

A new bundle, terrible two’s, threenager, sassy six, tweenBLINK

A teen.

Mum pride.

Being a parent is hard, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and so will they. You’ll remember appointments and miss school plays, wait.. or is it the other way round? #babybrain

There will be times you’re convinced you can’t and you’re the worst, ever! Others where you’ll question your sanity and your strength. And then, moments of pure pride.

You will be nursemaid, bottle washer, chef, housekeeper, teacher, nurse, stylist, secretary and taxi.

But know this.

The brutal truth.

Those feelings, are normal!

You are not alone!

Don’t ever feel that you’re the only one, that you’re alone or that no one would understand. Reach out, you’ll be surprised. Feel free to leave a comment below or message me for a non-judgy ear.


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6 thoughts on “From A Mother To A Mother – The Brutal Truth

  1. Wow, absolutely wonderful post! You have a way with words that’s for sure. 🙂

    My baby is about to be 10… it really is a blink and miss it sort of life, parenthood, isn’t it?

  2. The first half really spoke to me; now that I’m a mum of two, I feel a lot of mum guilt and very overwhelmed day to day…. then the second half came in and you’re totally right. I’m proud of my kids and of myself even when it’s frozen fish fingers and I’ve been wearing the same pants for three days. Lovely post! X

    1. Mum guilt is definitely a daily occurrence and sometimes in multiple doses. However, Mum guilt means you care.
      I wish my kids would entertain fish fingers lol xx

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