First YouTube Video Nerves And What’s In Store

Youtube Video Nerves and uploading the first video

First Youtube Video Nerves

I’m not a public speaker. I remember having a job once working for a Gas and Electricity supplier, yes, I was that person knocking your door asking you to change. In all honesty, I wasn’t very good at it I don’t think. Our daily goal was six sign-ups and if we did that we would all gather at the end of each day and talk about ‘what worked.’

I managed it once.

My mind went into shock, mouth dry as a dessert and my tongue stumbled over the words as they came out. My face burnt red, I said something in a bit of a jumble and heard someone repeat it and laugh. That was the first and last time I had six sign-ups and shortly after, I left.

I can portray a confident exterior most of the time but inside I often feel like I’m falling apart. I’m sure that’s something most can relate to. That common duck on water analogy, gracefully floating with legs paddling frantically to stay afloat.

So why YouTube?

The concept really excites me. I watch a ridiculous amount of blogger/vlogger content on YouTube and enjoy them immensely. Talking into a camera initially to no one, until it’s uploaded anyway, felt albeit awkward but not as scary as talking to a room of many. And, I’m sure it’ll eventually feel less bizarre.

I love that my blog and YouTube Channel are becoming extensions of me as a mummy of four, a wife and an individual and I’m so excited to have you all with me. I’ll be uploading reviews, shopping hauls, chatter with the kids, tips, advice and lots, lots more.

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