Easy Self Care Tips For Mums

Easy Self Care Tips For Mums

Self Care Tips For Mums

Self-care is probably the one thing us mums are completely crap at. Let’s face it. Pulling together a last-minute Blue Peter style craft gadget for homework you didn’t know existed. Or, fixing a broken toy to half resemble what it actually looked like before. And said child owner being completely happy with squinting slightly through teary eyes to see beloved toy ‘mended’ with crusty nail glue found at the bottom of your handbag. We nail it!

If we are capable of raising tiny human beings, keeping them safe, fed, watered and warm, why are we more often than not, neglectful to ourselves? Surely, the person giving the energy to care for another needs to replenish their stores?

Now, don’t get me wrong.

I am a mum of four and I know you’re probably reading this and thinking, wah! Where the heck do you think I can find time to look after myself? I eat, sleep, bathe and sh*t with kids, the ten minutes in the attic, alone, pulling the Christmas tree out once a year is frickin exciting. Even with the kids still shouting at the hole asking if I’ve found it yet.

However, the three things I do are really simple ways of self-care that can be managed and I hope you give them a go.

Hot What?

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate or any other favourite beverage you prefer. But here’s the thing, you have to drink it whilst it’s still warm. “What is this sorcery you speak of?” I hear you say. Well, my trick for this is thinking like you’re having a wee. Stay with me! You go, they follow.

Make your kids a drink too. We all know if you’ve got something, they want it. Make it a thing! A cuppa and a biscuit, juice or milk if you prefer those for them but honestly, it works a treat!


This is one little trick that I love, and probably more so because it is something I can do without others knowing there’s actually a reason for it. I love to keep a little roller ball perfume in my bag or pocket. They’re really small, and eek I love a miniature, but they’re so un-intrusive.

When we’re having a bit of a shi*t day the best sort of pick-me-up is a bath, but you can’t really do that midday. But that refreshed feeling I think, can be contained in a small bottle. Freshening up your scent and smelling nice gives you an inner boost of confidence and it’s so simple and easy to do.

Colour Therapy

Before Adult colouring was ‘a thing’ I’ve been known to pick up a cheap £1 shop colouring book, like the cheap ones you get in a stocking filler at Christmas and a pack of felts for my own personal pleasure. Right from being little, colouring and magic paint books (remember those?) were my world of self entertainment. When I first clapped eyes on Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden, I needed it! Her books are probably my favourites.

Like sitting the kids down and having a drink, you can get their colouring books out and for the next half an hour have some creative quiet time. Or, if like mine and they want to ‘help’ you do yours (not happening) wait until bedtime and cosy up for some colour therapy.

I mention a couple more ways in my video below if you’d like to see. Please remember to give the video a thumbs up and subscribe if you don’t already so you don’t miss future uploads.



I’d love to hear if you have found easy ways for self-care. Leave a comment below or on my video.


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