Out, Out? Date Night At Home. 5 Ideas For Staying In, In.

Date night at home

I know all too well that having a date night is often put on the back burner. Being a mum of a large family the odds of one of the kids coming down with something gross is pretty high. Not only do you have to prepare yourself to get ready, the cost of date night can often be money ‘best’ used elsewhere. Or, by the time date night comes around what you really want to do is wrap up on the sofa in your PJams and watch tv.It’s super important to make time for each other. Life can really get in the way and our own needs are pushed to the side. Spending time together helps to keep those bonds and links strong, reminding both of you of why you’re walking the same road.

Date Night, In, In.

If we get a little creative and think out, out of the box (do you see what I did there ha!) Having a date night at home can be just as fun as going to the movies or out for a meal. So, let’s stay in, in!

A Meal For Two

I know I’ve got various copies of Jamie Oliver in the kitchen that don’t get used as often as I’d like. Pull out and dust off one of the many cookbooks on top of the cupboard and pick either an old favourite or something you’ve been wanting to try. Why not cook it together and let the food create the mood for your date night at home.

Why not cook it together and let the food create the mood for your date night at home.

Cop-a-what? And Chill

The original Netflix and chill, well picnic and a book but you get the idea. Cop-a-squat Pretty Woman style and lay out a night picnic. Prepare a selection of all your favourite snack foods, light your favourite scented candles and choose a movie you’ve just not had a chance to watch.

Twist Again

Do you remember those little things that attracted you to each other? There’s no better way to reconnect than with proper belly laughter. Pull out your favourite board game, Twister is a right laugh. Spin the wheel, Left foot red! Right hand green. What, where?

Letting loose and getting silly brings back the funny pre-kids inner child.

Theme Night

Pick a theme for the night; Childhood favourites, Christmas movies, Italian Classics, Fright night or maybe Rom com. You can then have fun styling the evening around the theme, Pasta, party food, Christmas treats. Endless possibilities.

Double Date

If you have friends that are a couple and they have kids too, arrange a double date night. The kids can Netflix and chill whilst you crack open a bottle of wine or Cherry Max in my case, and natter round a cheese platter. Alternate date nights between your house and theirs and you have a winner.

Do you do Date Night at home and stay In, In? What ideas have you tried and which ones are your favourite?

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