Boys Christmas Gift Guide ~ 3 Years Plus

Boys christmas gift guide

Christmas seems to come round quicker every year, it’s as though you blink and it’s here again. New craze’s come and go, some stand the test of time but ultimately we’re left questioning the Christmas list. Do we go with it? Surely there should be at least one gift from the Christmas Toy top Ten? Or, Should we go rebel and get the gifts we see fit?

Me? I’m a sucker and go all three, You?

Here’s my boys Christmas gift guide if you’re still unsure, don’t panic! There’s still time, may the odd ever be in your favour.

Rubik’s Junior 4yrs +


Boys Christmas Gift Guide

Rubik’s is one of those brands that have definitely lasted the test of time. When I was growing up we had Rubik’s Magic, the infamous cube and a Rubik’s Clock. I don’t think any of us ever completed them but they were always something we picked up and attempted.

Already in my kids toy collection we have a cube, Rubik’s Magic (one day I will have perfect rings) and Rubik’s Race. This year I’ll be adding a Rubik’s Junior Bear Puzzle. My youngest boy likes to pick things up and fiddle, exploring how they work or go together.

Rubik's Junior Boys Christmas Gift Guide

The Rubik’s Junior Bear will be a perfect way to introduce him to the colourful combo games that Rubik’s bring us. It’s size is great for smaller hands and its limited  combinations make it relatively easy to create a crazy animal mix-up and then solve the puzzle.


Mayka Toy Block Tape 3yrs +


Mayka Tape Boys Christmas Gift Guide

Coming in a variety of colours, this unassuming roll of brick tape has had my little boy excited for so long and sat at the top of his Christmas list for the longest time. At first I was slightly dubious I’m bot going to lie, I couldn’t fathom why this 2m roll of tape had him captivated. But, for all those building block lovers, it can stick and re-stick, you can shape it, build with it and cut it to size. And! It’s compatible with lego, taking the ability to build on imagination to a new level, height, wall, table, door, chair, floor, window…. (believe me when I say endless possibilities.)

Mayka World

Woofy Whoops! 3yrs +


Board Games For Boys Christmas Gift Guide

Woofy Whoops! Watch out – You might get peed on! What kid isn’t going to find their mum, dad, brother or sister being sprayed by a dog absolutely hilarious!?

Christmas time is the no holds barred board game king. No family home is completely without at least one new bard game under the tree and a stack of other favourites ready to play. Woofy Whoops! Is another phone interactive game like most new games are and comes with a downloadable app. Kids can record the the wet moments in slow motion to look back on to laugh at again and again.

Board Game Boys Christmas Gift Guide

I’m waiting for mine to clock on the £250 earning potential of You’ve Been Framed.

Being a mum of teenage boys too, I find it more and more difficult knowing what to get them at Christmas and find the usual default is clothes and smelly sets. It’s really nice to still be able to buy things for a small boy that finds fun in the silliest of places and lives in worlds of his own creativity.

I hope this Christmas Gift Guide gives you some ideas for your boys whilst they are still in the creative age.  If you would like a few more ideas have a read of my review of the Hot wheels Drone Racer and 5 Second Rule Board Game.

Have an amazing Christmas!

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