Being A Blogger : Embrace Or Over Done?

Being a Blogger


At one time in the past, being a blogger was something that people were but didn’t actually realise it. They would create a free account on a random platform and just write, mainly for themselves but occasionally to keep family updated on current affairs. Over the years it began to change and blogging became ‘A thing.’

Writers began to niche in; Mummy blogger, Parent blogger, Lifestyle blogger, Beauty blogger, Influencer. The list is ever changing and the labels can be somewhat creative. And some believe, over done.

Should blogging still be embraced?

At the very depth of it all is one person sharing their thoughts on something they have a passion for or a connection to. Something triggers an idea, it gets written down and we elaborate and express ourselves.

Every so often bloggers come in the firing line for varying reasons. Being overly opinionated, lacking self respect, sharing far too many pictures of their kids or corners of their homes where they’ve managed – ever so creatively so – to snap a picture that emits the pile of toys in the corner and the floordrobe of washing ready to go in the machine.

Or is being a blogger over done?

My pretty obvious answer is going to be no, I am after all writing this post on my blog. But my reason being, not only is blogging a way of expression it’s also a way of connection.

It doesn’t have to be on a cathartic level, but if that happens then that’s fab! To make someone smile in their hectic day, share a tip that will speed up school runs or an opinion that saves money.

Bloggers will never satisfy and connect with everyone but they will make a difference to at least one person somewhere. Isn’t that a good thing!?

Me too! Very simply powerful.

Is being a blogger over done

I’d love to hear what you think about blogging and whether being a blogger is over done. Have we moved on from the blogging platform and is Youtube or Live Video the way forward?


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