We’re Having Another Baby! ~ Are We Mad?


Having another Baby number 5. Large age gap between babies.

So as I am writing this post I am currently 12 Weeks + 1 which means we’ve had our first scan and can start letting everyone in on what we’ve enjoyed being our little secret for a short time. We’re having another baby! I’m currently baking baby number 5.

Are We Mad?

Very possibly maybe!

I was completely adament that I was done having babies. I’d lost that broody feeling and so had Carl. I didn’t go gooey over other peoples bundles and our youngest baby was now 7 years old. He’s pretty self sufficient, wiping his own back side and helping himself to drinks. So why are we having another one now?

Friends and Relatives

It’s all their fault, I’m 95% convinced they tag teamed us! Carl’s friend had a baby, a little girl and their youngest was 12 years old. Until that point he was telling his friend how mad he was for having another one now, then he saw her. All pink and wrinkly, warm and snuggly. They’d got to him!

Then! My sister did the same thing didn’t she! Doomed! She got to me too.

Super Excited!

In all seriousness after having some deep chats together, we’re so excited to be doing it all over again. I’m not going to lie though, I feel like I did as a first time mum. It’s been such a long time since I had a baby, lots has changed and I feel a little overwhelmed at learning all over again.


If you’d like to know more about us deciding to have baby number 5 then check out my channel video.

Are you planning on having another baby after a long age gap? I’d love to hear from you xx


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