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My name is Sherry, yes like the drink (if my dad had his way it’d have been Marina after the Stingray mermaid).

I’m a Thirtysomething (four) mum of four that upped and moved everyone from the busy city with everything on our doorstep to the countryside, in the middle of nowhere, opposite a cheese farm.

Hearing cows moo at 3 o’clock in the morning and not the back end of the motorway is a culture shock.

Would I do it again, absolutely, would I like to go back home, absolutely. However, the schools have been amazing!

I tend to see the good in most people and situations, sometimes to a fault. I don’t take things too seriously and love to observe people.

Things I like

I like honey and peanut butter on toast for breakfast, yes together.

I am totally aware that I drink far too much Cherry Max but I think I balance it well by loving a good cup of Pukka tea.

Popcorn is my vice, I could eat it till the cows come home, haha!

I’m a complete bookworm and a bit of a crafty creative. Having 5 minutes before school run to make a snowflake t-shirt for a 6-year-olds Christmas play, no problem. Double sided gorilla tape and glitter on hand and he was good to go.

I can be a tad nostalgic, to the point of making people roll their eyes with a ‘here she goes again.’ I have been known to purchase a whole box of Mighty Max, a Boggling and a Fashion Wheel for the kids just because I loved them as a kid and they should too. *Tumbleweed*

Things I Love

The Goonies, Disney and Home Alone, especially at Christmas.

Things I don’t

The bottom bit of tea. Yuk!

Being cold.

Socks! Me and the inventor of socks would not be friends. Nope.

The YouTube videos of people injured after a daft stunt my eldest son insists on pushing under my nose (I’m sure he finds my reaction funnier than the video.)

Random Facts

I hate it when people pick their nails, pick, pick, pick argh!! ~ I’m a certified Life Coach ~ My favourite colours are teal and grey ~ Foxes are my favourite animal ~ I have two pugs, Eddie and Esme, Luna the house bunny and Seven, he’s a bulldog named after 007. #Truestory

Kits and Vixen

“The home is where the heart is.”

Kits and Vixen will be home to family fun, parenting theories, musings on life and things that I love, or don’t.


I like to share many aspects of mine and my families life and as a result we are sometimes offered things to review. Anything reviewed by us will be carefully considerd and if it is something I don’t feel is the right fit for us or you then it doesn’t happen. I will always be honest with reviews and anything you read will be written by me. Some reviews may contain links that will result in us receiving commission. This will never cost you anything and you are absolutely under no obligation to use those links though it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for being here!

Kits and Vixen family and lifestyle blog. Book reviews and Bujo Planning life balance

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