7 Tips When Joining A Daily Vlog Challenge

7 Tips when Comitting To A Daily Vlog Challenge

I was invited to join a week-long daily vlog challenge by Kirsty Dee, instant eek, nerves and excitement but I joined because I’ve been banging on about Youtube and thought it’d be good to dive in at the deep end.

So, I thought it would be a great idea to do a roundup of the videos I recorded for the daily vlog challenge. But, also share some tips that I think could help some of you that would also like to have a go at a challenge or start a YouTube channel.



This one caught me out a couple of times during filming. I’d have done all the recording, pulled my memory card out of the camera and load it onto the laptop and think, damn it! I didn’t stage a thumbnail. You have really one of two options, well three if Youtube is kind with their recommendations, hmm. Either, get your camera back out and set one up or, look through your footage and hope that at some point there’s a decent screen shot opportunity. I mostly opted for the last option.

1. Remember to shoot your thumbnail


A screen shot thumbnail because I forgot. Oops.

Check Your Edits

I uploaded not one but two vlogs for the Spring prompt that were rough, yep embarrassed! The first one I uploaded was completely raw, tongue ties, randomness, camera angles, restarts, you name it. And, it was up for a good while before I realised what I’d done. The video that remains is still the second upload, which has a restart that was missed in the editing out. I could not bring myself to do it again, so I left it as a reminder to myself, how not to do it.

2. Check, Check and Check Again!


Stay True To You

I struggled mentally quite a bit with this video, I really didn’t know if it was something I wanted to share and I explain that a little more in the video. But, what I did take from recording it was ultimately it’s my channel and it’s up to me what content I put out and I’d like it to be, at the very least, honest. I want my channel to be true to me and what I value, relatable and fun.

3. Think about your values

Random Facts About Me

Plan Ahead

With being a busy, working mum of four, I find it hard to have time for me. Having to find some interesting facts to create a video I thought was hard. I found it easier to do a mini-brainstorm around the different prompts a couple of days ahead. That way I could keep going back adding something more if I had a brainwave. Also, planning time to record, edit and upload something

Also, planning time to record, edit and upload something every day can really help you stay on track. I was too close for comfort a couple of times getting the videos to go live on the day of the prompt and there was one day that it went up on the following day. Planning can reduce the stress levels.

4. Grab a notebook and make lists, all the lists


Embrace Your Quirks

I love a planner. I hoard them and I have a ridiculous amount of unused notebooks, planner addict yes I am! The little quirks are what make you unique to you and relatable to others. Leave them in, don’t edit them out, love your you.

5. Be confidently quirky and awesome

The Best Things In Life Are Free

Find an angle

Some prompts will give you an instant, sometimes obvious idea for a video. But, take some time to think about them and see if you can give it more of what relates to you and your values. That’s not to say that you can’t create something that’s obvious because it’ll be unique to your personality. However, let your creativity have some fun too.

6. Think Outside The Box

Loved Ones/Family

Vlog Length

I really struggled with my internet speed to upload videos in a decent time. Anything over 10 minutes could take up to three hours for Youtube to process. The last video was two seconds shy of three minutes and that was processed in just under an hour. Statistically, videos that are 4.4 minutes long do better than those that are much longer in the early days. Once you have a built a good community of followers, then you can experiment with longer. This is my new food for thought.

7. Less is more

So there we have it. My 7 tips when committing to a daily vlog challenge. Let me know in the comments if you’ve joined a challenge before and what tips you’ve learnt. If you’re nervously preparing for one in the future or you’re really wanting to start a channel but need a little bit of a boost to get going.

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    1. I definitely learnt a lot of things during your challenge Kirsty. You don’t realise how much actually goes in to making a short video.

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