5 Signs You Live In a House Of Fussy Eaters

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You know that song, the famous one, the one I, as a foodie tend to sing when a slice of carrot cake presents itself to me. Or when you’re in the coop and they have a double pack of cream slices in the reduced section “Food glorious food, da, da, da da da daa.” Being a fussy eater is one concept that I just don’t understand.

When I was little we all ate the same, you would never see my mum cooking separate meals. “If you don’t like it, tough!” And do you know what, damn wasn’t she right! It’s one rule I wish I’d adopted from the start and didn’t.

5 signs you live in a house of fussy Eaters

1 ~ What’s in a name? Not mushrooms!

“What’s for dinner mum?”

Beef pie and mash. They don’t need to know it’s Beef and mushroom!

Spaghetti bolognese, no, no mushrooms. Cut those bad boys up as small as possible.

Chicken soup and crusty bread. Yes just chicken, no, no mushrooms, honest, you’ll love it.

2 ~ If it’s not a chip it’s not a potato

You know they can’t eat chips every day and mash is an effort saved for Sunday dinner. So the alternatives fall on waffles, crochets, smiley faces or Alphabites but wait, what do you mean you don’t like them!?

It’s a potato, like chips, you like chips, it’s just cooked differently!

3 ~ The alien stare

Do not think for one minute about plating up the great looking recipe you read in your weekly mum’s magazines that sell it as ‘family friendly’. Save that for yourself. Yes, that would be the time for a separate meal.

If you take that plate to the table it’s going to be greeted by the alien stare and investigated with a fork. You may even witness tumbleweed roll past the window. If they don’t recognise any of it as ‘normal food’ it’s not happening. Cue the beans on toast.

4 ~ The Internal combustion

Living with a house of fussy eaters is exhausting. Breakfast and lunch always seem a breeze in comparison to dinner. The most you contend with is one doesn’t eat cheese and the other refuses ham. Then boom, dinner time, again!

You shout everyone for dinner and are already on edge waiting, waiting for one small mention of ‘what is it?’ ‘I don’t like that?’ ‘why couldn’t we just have?’ ‘I’m not that hungry.’

Breathe! Just breathe.

5 ~ Get the flags out, tell the world

They liked it! Just like that, they actually bloody ate it and wanted more.

Those times are absolutely worthy of a brass band and no it’s not embarrassing to whoop. Put that bad boy in your planner on the menu list of rotating ‘safe meals’ and pat yourself on the back.

Well done mumma, what’s on tomorrow’s menu?

Let me know in the comments your fussy eaters ‘safe meals’ and the meals you craft creative titles for.


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