5 Second Rule Board Game Review

5 Second Rule Family Board Game

I flipping love a board game. I am by no means opposed to the kids procrastinating on tablet technology, love me for it or not but I am not a mum that puts restrictions on screen time. However, give me a board game, a rainy day and a carpet picnic and THE.GAME.IS.ON!

5 second rule board game review

5 Second Rule Board Game

The very simple concept of this game is to name just three things that have a common interest in 5 seconds or less. Now, I can tell you the simple concept is devious. This game will have you tripping over your tongue, shouting out complete randomness and have you stumped when trying to locate that common sense you know was there before you started.

What’s In The Box?

5 second rule family board game review

~ The Playing Board

~ A 5 Second Timer

~ 6 Playing Pieces

~ Pass and Switch Cards

~ Question Cards

~ Instruction Manual

How It Works

A card is taken from the Questions deck and the timer is turned. The player then has 5 seconds to give 3 answers to the question. The timer makes a pretty intimidating sound when turned especially when you’re under pressure. If the player is unsuccessful their card is then passed to the next player. That player now has 5 seconds to give 3 answers but, there’s a twist! They can not give any of the previous player’s answers, they have to think of their own. Should a player get really stuck, then a pass or switch card can be used.

5 second rule game board review

5 Second Rule is for aged 8 to adult, I do think that some of the questions are quite tricky. However, the amount of double-sided question cards this game comes with, picking out some of the more simpler questions for younger kids is easily done. It’s also for up to 6 players which you can tweak to include more if you’re having friends over. It’s quite quick paced which adds to the fun

5 second rule game board review

We had a lot of fun playing 5 Second Rule, it’s a University Game release and is available to buy on Amazon here for around £12.99. They do have various other games in their range so they’re worth taking a look at too.

Do you play board games at home? Which ones are your favourites?


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