5 Alternative Ideas For Father’s Day Gifts

Father's Day Gift Idea RC Helicopter, Peanut Butter, retro Seets and Popcorn

Father’s Day this year is Sunday the 18th June which isn’t that far away. So I have been looking around for ideas that the kids can get for their dad and I thought it would be a fab idea to share some alternative Father’s Day gift idea’s with you too.

Father’s Day Gift List


RC Helicopter

We are all fully aware that Dads are still teenagers in their head and excited little boy that loves toys. Anything that needs batteries and a remote control is always a winner and these radio controlled helicopters would make a smart gift to keep Dad occupied.

Peanut Butter Maker

The second favourite to RC toys for any dad on Father’s Day has got to be a gadget of one description or another. This peanut butter maker I thought makes a quirky alternative to the usual candy floss maker or chocolate fountain. Plus, I absolutely love peanut butter too, so it would get plenty of use haha!

How amazing is this Popcorn Maker! Everyone loves an American inspired gift, team it with a Netflix and chill movie night and you’re definitely on to a winner. I think the novelty of this Jiffy Pop would keep the kids entertained too.

Garden Game

The weather is changing and warming up and hopefully, dad has been out and cut the grass (or mums.) How much fun would Dad and the kids have playing inflatable gladiators in the garden with dinner cooking on a BBQ? Fab, fun and storable too.

Retro Sweets

You really can’t go wrong with a tub full of sweets. A must have Father’s Day gift for any sweet tooth and plenty of retro sweets in the jar to share. One for Dad, Three for Mum. Sharing is caring! Isn’t it!?

I’m trying to be a little more organised and prepared this year for Father’s Day, are you prepared? Let me know in the comments below if you found an amazing alternative gift.

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