4 Ways To Improve Your Gift Buying Skills And Impress Your Partner Plus A Bonus Fail Safe

Gift Buying Birthday Presents Christmas Presents Valentines Gifts

Birthday gifts. Valentines day gift. Anniversary presents. Christmas suprises.

Gift buying for your other half and getting it right can be seen as having a ninja skill. But, you either;

A) Have it and nail the perfect gift every time.

B) You can generally get it but there’s always a chance you’ll fall flat on your face. Or

C) You just have no idea how people have this sixth sense super power and you often end up buckled and burned in the dog house every.single.time.

I can tell you that it is not a ninja skill nor is it a sixth sense (however, that would be pretty amazing). Gift buying can most definitely be your extra-ordinary talent should you crave to hear that squee of glee, feel the headlock of pure excitement or if you’re super intuitive get some lucky, lucky time.

1. Listen for the hints gift buying

They are there, they do exist and most probably mentioned every day if not every other. An advert comes on the tv for a piece of jewellery and “it has 10% off, that’s good babe isn’t it!?” A fan-dangled gadget update is announced “did you see? There’s a new Mark ii coming out? Mine’s about obsolete now, I’ve had it forever!”

You know, they have not had it an age, 6 months, Max! It’s nowhere near obsolete.

But! Those right there are not questions, nope, an answer isn’t needed nor necessary, they need an outcome. Put them on your gift list.

2. Look for clues

You know that recognisable tune eBay plays every time something on a watch list is due to end in 15 minutes? That little sound of magic right there also tells you exactly what your other half has been stalking, it pops up right there on the fron of the phone.

I’d say probably 90% of eBay account holders (Ok, so I did pluck that statistic out of thin air but stay with me) watch things they really, really want or really need and usually have no intentions of buying themselves. Take a peak and write it down.

3. Ask a close friend or relative.

You know the last time you surprised the love of your life with a gift card and you genuinely thought there was no way you could get that wrong. They have the money there to go and spend it on exactly what they really want. Right? Wrong! Cop out! Guess who heard about it, their mum, dad, best friend, your mum, sister and the cat. They can tell you what you should have bought because enough hints (see 1 above) were dropped and 2 they’ve heard about the things you didn’t buy.

4. Hobbies and collections

Humans tend to be creatures of habit, they are attracted to shiny things that often form a collection. Finding ways to rest, relax or enjoy their time in a fun, interesting (sometimes strange) way that are fondly referred to as hobbies. They also like to show them off or, try to convince you that maybe you should be, could try, are now interested in their hobby too (obviously, you humour them)

If however, you’re really not, you could still earn a Brucie Bonus by gifting something that they need  to add to their collection. You’ve listened, you’ve taken it on board and you’ve acknowledged. Best partner ever!

If you still find that you struggle with gift buying. You’ve looked for the clues, listened for the hints, asked the friend, the shopkeeper and the cat. There is a bonus fail safe that you really can’t balls up (please don’t balls it up.)

Bonus fail safe ~ Amazon wish list

Ask your king, queen, prince, princess, diamond sparkle for the link to their Amazon wish list. In the instance that they don’t have one or have never heard of one; Spend some time together and set one up for each of you then exchange links. If there is something that either of you would really like, that would make life easier, happier or add to a collection or hobby, put it on the list!

If you nose dive like a soap box derby car that’s tossed its driver over the haybarrel then please go back to step 1 and start again, as long as your heart is there you’re the biggest winner ninja warrior superstar.

Don’t give up.

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