Reflections And Projections ~ February Round Up

A round up of birthdays, kids growing up, Beauty and the Beast, Pancake day and partners working away.

Reflections and Projections. February round up. Pancake Day. Beauty and the Beast.

February hasn’t seemed to pass as quite as fast as January did. Christmas is a memory and Pancake day is around the corner (move over Slimming world, mumma’s  got some flipping to do!) Read more

5 Lessons I’ve Learnt From My Daughter ~ Happy 10th Birthday Lily-Blue

5 Lessons I've Learnt From My Daughter

This week we celebrated Lily-Blues 10th birthday. It doesn’t actually feel like I was bringing her home that long ago. But, there are certain points when you really look at someone and see the changes and appreciate them on a whole other level.

5 lessons I’ve learnt from my daughter. Life Lessons. Learning lessons

Read more

Mum And Dad Visit ~ Charity Shops And Country Walks

Charity Shops and Country Walks with Kids and Pugs

One of the hardest things about moving your little family a great distance from home is not seeing your close family circle as often as you’d like, want or sometimes need. I miss my Mum and Dad massively and my sister still asks me to come home at least once a week (we’ve been here nearly four years) and each time she does, I question myself. Read more

The Bedtime Tag

Bedtime Routine

1. Describe your usual bedtime routine.

The kids go upstairs around 7.30pm, and by upstairs I mean up and down, up and down, like a well demo’d yoyo. Eastenders is a must watch and if Mr Vixen is home late from work we’ll rewatch it together whilst he eats dinner.

Any chance we get to climb into bed early is always well received. We have been known to go up with the kids (does that mean we’re getting old?) Read more